Economic Globalization : An Irreplaceable Prerequisite For The Development Of The Inner Potential Of A Human Being

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It is rather obvious that living in a social environment should be considered to be an irreplaceable prerequisite for the development of the inner potential of a human being. Indeed, by far the majority of the abilities which are considered to be characteristic to the mankind could have developed primarily due to coexistence of people. For example, the very ability of generating verbal interaction was conditioned by the necessity to coordinate actions to hunt a game. Nevertheless, one should also point out that just like people experienced personal growth, the society in general also evolved. That is why it would not be a mistake to note the two parallel evolutions; however, while the former is considered to have stopped, the latter one which deals with the society in a broad sense go ones. With this regard, one might note that the process of economic globalization is a valid reflection of the fact that communities all over the world have reached a completely new level. This paper will argue that the process of economic globalization should continue and base this claim on a careful examination of different factors such as peculiarities of modern trade, the current state of global finances, the trends in migration, the opportunities of development; the paper will also present an objective account of advantages and disadvantages of economic globalization, analyzing it from the point of view of countries which are likely to benefit from it and of those the economies of which…

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