Economic Development Plan For The City Of Gainesville Essay example

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The city of Gainesville has developed a brief, but comprehensive, economic development plan for their city to implement in the year 2010. The city looks to make use out of Blakely and Leigh’s (2013) five major resources in order to capitalize on what the city has to offer economic development opportunists.
There are several mentions of Gainesville’s land, buildings, and location discussed throughout the plan. The city has locality development plans to capitalize on its land by creating an inventory with plans to refurbish these as commercial lots for commerce to take place, brownfield redevelopment initiatives, and the city intends on capitalizing on economic development opportunities that comes from hosting a world recognized state university within its borders—such as research and development, a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, and tourism (City of Gainesville, 2010).
For labor, the Gainesville area is very fortunate to have the University of Florida within close proximity. With over 200 degrees students can choose to graduate with, this opens up the diversity of the employment base immensely (Admissions, 2015). The city has definite plans to capitalize on their young, highly-educated individuals to attract the attention of research and development firms, big businesses, and small enterprises as well (City of Gainesville, 2010).
With the population in the city of Gainesville reaching over 120,000 in size, with a high variance in age, ethnicity, race, and educational…

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