Essay on Economic Development Of The State Of California

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Infrastructure has long stood a measure of human progress and capability throughout the ages as many consider it a cornerstone for economic development. As a nation, the United States contains one of the most sophisticated and vast networks of roads since economic prosperity, especially following World War II, provided the capability to invest in infrastructural networks. However, as time has passed and populations have soared virtually everywhere, infrastructural development has been outpaced and remains more or less the same as it was decades ago. This case is especially true in the state of California, a state that alone makes up an economy that is the 9th largest in the world. Moreover, much of the states financial success can be attributed to infrastructural developments that occurred around the mid century when road infrastructure development was at its peak. The population of the state has since increased to a capacity that exceeds the capability of the current infrastructure by double the amount it was designed for. This issue becomes more and more apparent as Californians experience the negative consequences of an infrastructural system in need of repair. Still, there is good reason to be optimistic since according to The ASCE 2012 report card, infrastructure conditions in California are given the grade of a C, topping the national average grade of a D (ASCE 7). In addition, several large-scale projects are in the works for the near future that will…

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