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Register to read the introduction… (Beltzan & Philips 76) History of ecommerce dates back to the invention of the very old notion of "sell and buy", electricity, cables, computers, modems, and the Internet. Ecommerce became possible in 1991 when the Internet was opened to commercial use. Since that date thousands of businesses have taken up residence at web sites. Ecommerce has a great deal of advantages over "brick and mortar" stores and mail order catalogs. Consumers can easily search through a large database of products and services. They can see actual prices, build an order over several days and email it as a "wish list" hoping that someone will pay for their selected goods. Customers can compare prices with a click of the mouse and buy the selected product at best prices.Online vendors, in their turn, also get distinct advantages. The web and its search engines provide a way to be found by customers without expensive advertising campaign. Even small online shops can reach global markets. Web technology also allows to track customer preferences and to deliver individually-tailored marketing. History of ecommerce is unthinkable without Amazon and Ebay which were among the first Internet companies to allow electronic transactions. Thanks to their founders we now have a handsome ecommerce sector and enjoy the buying and selling advantages of the Worldwide Web. History of ecommerce would have never been possible without plastic cards, online shopping carts, secure payment gateways and many other inventions which had their say in the online world. History of ecommerce is a history of a new, virtual world which is evolving according to the customer advantage. It is a world which we are all building together brick by brick, laying a secure foundation for the future generations.(Ecommerce_land n.p.)
6) What is computer security? Give a variety of examples of where an organization's security was compromised. Include details
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Informational technology would be very important in my business to help things run smooth. I would have a database to record employee records and time charts. The system would have to require employees to "clock in" and "clock out" so that I would not have to monitor their comings and goings, while still preventing fraud as much as possible. Sick time and vacation days would also be recorded in this system. Since I would be a retail store I would use a database that would record inventory on hand and also help me with sales information from previous months or years. This would be important when reviewing my sales history and deciding what items should be restock, and which were not deemed to be good sellers and should not. Also a system that tracked orders with suppliers would also be important so that I can track incoming product and also so that I can plan special events around the arrival of new merchandise. If I was of the size to permit such a system a Kanban system set up with key suppliers would also work nicely. Advertising would be important so I would have a website and online ordering as

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