Ecological Systems Theory Essay

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From the time a person first enters this world until they taketheir final breath, they go through many changes that will shape their character and determine how they handle situations in their life. Many different psychologists have studied human behavior and why it is that we react a certain way in different circumstances, and ultimately why we behave in the way that we do. Urie Bronfenbrenner developed a model called the “Ecological Systems Theory” that attempts to explain what factors influence a person’s behavior and which ones have the most impact. The model is broken down into five systems: the “Microsystem”, “Mesosystem”, “Exosystem”, “Macrosystem”, and “Chronosystem”. The “Microsystem” is considered the most intimate or most …show more content…
Another factor was that she may have felt that she deserved to “have some time off” after working so hard in college. These examples are forms of informal organizations in the “Exosystem”. An example of a formal organization was that she applied for a job with the IRS and she was waiting for them to call her about her application. She jokes during her interview that she would still be in that stage if she didn’t look for another job until the IRS called her back because its been twenty-seven years and they still haven’t called! The “Macrosystem” played a role in her development at that time also. She mentioned how life just seemed more “laid back” and “carefree”; times were easier and there was no terrorism (that she knew of). The culture was also more wholesome than it is now and the moral values of the country were at higher standards. One strain of the country and the economy was the oil crisis that erupted during the 80’s. She remembers expensive gas and oil, and that the economy was not very strong during that time. As she reflected on this time of her life, she says that there were experiences during that time of her life that have an impact on her life now. Sometimes she wishes she could go back to that time of fun and “no worries”, but what was most important about that time of her life was the

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