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Ecological Model

Queena Brown

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Ecological Model

The ecological model was submitted as a concept in the 1970s and further adopted as

theory 10-years later in the early 1980s. Such models were developed in an attempt to enhance

the understanding of the complex interconnection between people and their surrounding

environments. Significantly, the theory was advanced by the World War I, after which

researchers realized that the surveys conducted by psychologists seemed narrow in scope. The

ecological model was brought about to fill the gap that existed between the behavioral theories.

Indeed, they
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According to McWhirter, it was established that the perceived educational barriers

amongst the rural youth were as a result of the relationship between the individual and different

contextual factors amongst young people in rural areas. Consequently, this study indicates that

some individual (based on race and ethnicity) and contextual difference factors were predictive,

while others seemed otherwise. Indeed, the study was important in two ways: one, educational

barriers can prevent the youth from formulating or pursuing particular postsecondary aspirations.

Two, this study represents the general influence that the different individual and contextual

factors have on the development of a human being, more so, a youth on his/her development

(Cole, Oliver, & Robinson, 2013).

Growing up, I came to realize that there were several factors that within the environment

that have significantly improved my qualities as a better human. Starting with the fundamental

human needs of food, shelter, health, and clothing which were never enough in the environment

in which I grew up. To supplement for these inadequacies, I was forced to source for an extra

supply of these basic needs from a neighboring environment. Over time, education has become

an essential necessity for human development. The search for quality education to

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