Essay on Eco Characteristics and Skills

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Characteristic and Skills Paper

HHS/ 225

Veda Hawkins

Characteristic and Skills Paper

There are so many job opportunities and direction students can choose to follow, when pursuing a health and human service career. Often to help students organize their thoughts, goals, and ideas of their future many colleges with host “Career Day”. Career day is basically a networking fair. Businesses, companies and corporations come together in one place to inform students of the type of jobs that are out there and what the qualifications are, as well as what to expect in the working world. Many students gain a lot of insight and ideas for the direction they may like to pursue and center their career interest around. Usually
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Course work usually includes: Biology, Physics, Biometrics, Neuron anatomy, and many other specialized classes. • Physical therapist must also pass a national and state mandated licensing test. In order to maintain and continue with their career most states require that physical therapist continue their education throughout their practice. Workshops and classes room attendance are the most common continued forms of education. Currently the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects the outlook on physical therapy jobs to remain excellent. It has also been reported that on average P.T’s earn around $72,790 per year (, 2010). Some of the characteristics and skills I posses are; strong will, optimistic, positive, five years of manager and 12 years of customer service training. I’m a very goal oriented person, who is willing to learn and do new things. I work well as a team and I work great on an individual bases. When it comes to deadlines and project management I have always received excellent scores. Over my years in management I have learned customer satisfaction is the key to success, I have great customer service skills. My skills are relatable to and entry level at Lifetime fitness because there only requirements for employment are the degree, state licensing test, and two years in customer service

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