Essay on Eco Beaker Lab 1

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Exercise 1: The Moose Arrive

In exercise one we simulated the arrival of a small group of moose that swam to Isle Royal. The simulation ran over time so that the moose can form a large population on the island. We studied this population of moose before the wolves’ arrival. The simulation ran for 50 years. After the 50 years simulation was complete the data was collected and analyzed.

Answers to Questions:

ANS: The approximate size of the moose population is 600.

ANS: The Approximate maximum population size the moose obtained was 930.

ANS: Simulated Graph: [pic]

ANS: The exponential growth is approximately from 0 years to 20 years circles in pink.

ANS: The moose population grew fastest
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With the decreased wolf population the moose was now able to thrive with abundant food source and low predation. With abundant moose again the wolves’ population would once again rise. Therefore the moose population climbs before the wolves and the wolves drop before the moose.

ANS: I think that moose on an island with wolves would be healthier because the wolves would probably prey on the sick, weak, old and young, which only would leave healthy individuals. An island without wolves would have no predator and the moose population would be far greater in size causing a lot of animals to starve therefore lowing the healthy rate of animals in the population.

|Moose |Fat Stores |Moose |Fat Stores |
|1 |57.6 |1 |201.6 |
|2 |28.8 |2 |144 |
|3 |28.8 |3 |144 |

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