Eating Too Much Added Sugar Essay

1856 Words Mar 30th, 2016 null Page
Added sugar is a large part of the American diet and is becoming more and more of a problem. Almost everything that you can buy has some kind of added sugar in it and most of the time people are not even able to recognized it. According to a 2014 article written by Julie Corliss for the Harvard Medical School, eating too much added sugar increases peoples risk of heart disease tremendously. People need to gain an understanding of what all of this added sugar can do to there health not only now but also later in life. Americans need to start paying attention to food labels before they buy things and also develop ways to recognize different sugars in the foods that they are consuming. The average American is supposed to have thirty grams of sugar a day which converts to six teaspoons. According to the American Heart Association, Americans are consuming twenty teaspoons of sugar a day which can extremely deteriorate a persons health. More than one-third of adults fall into the category of obesity and the amount of sugar people take in has something to do with that. As stated by Jeffrey Norris writing for the University of California San Fransisco, “Sugar is a poison and causing obesity”. People are becoming more and more unhealthy. In 1980 there were zero cases of type two diabetes in adolescents but in 2010 there were up to 15,638. The solution is simple, cut down on sugary liquids and sugary foods such as: soda, sugar-filled juices, cereal, etc. and begin…

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