Eating Responsibly Instead Of Recklessly Essay

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Eating Responsibly Instead of Recklessly The most pressing issue facing American health today lies in the increasing number of obese people. When analyzing the two texts Don’t Blame the Eater and Against Meat, both authors messages combine to form the idea that food is much more than the enemy and we must take responsibility for our own eating failures. The messages presented both convey how our parents influence our food choices, the lack of good and bad food, our own “conscientious inconsistency” with eating, and are presented in distinctive ways. Against Meat identifies how we are in control of our choices and we should be more aware of what we are eating. Don’t Blame the Eater summarizes the idea that we are unaware of what is in our food and that we should not look at food negatively due to our own poor choices. When used in combination, both texts leave the strong impression of how we are liable for our own food choices and that we should not look negatively at our energy source, food Both stories give context of their past relationship with food, influenced by their parent’s beliefs. Author Jonathan Safran Foer of Against Meat describes his grandmother’s obsession with food as “terror, gratitude, vengeance, joy, humiliation, religion, history, and, of course, love.” (450). The author attaches meaning to food as his grandmother did, not as the enemy, but as all of the qualities in life that are essential. On the contrary, David Zinczenko describes his parents’…

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