David Zinczko's 'Don T Blame The Eater'

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Fast Food Takeover For many generations, we have introduced fast food to millions of new people. Children are now begging to live a lifestyle of fast food. One of the biggest corporation is known as the very evil, McDonald’s. Children do not realize the reality of life until they grow up and come to a conclusion of what they have dedicated themselves to in life. In the article Don’t Blame the Eater by David Zinczenko published in 2002 talks about his personal life and experience by which he was put through with fast food contributing to a major part of his life. In the second article Junking Junk Food by Judith Warner published in 2010 explains the issue of America’s health going down the drain. Both articles present strong ideas of how the …show more content…
In Warner’s article it states how fast food companies are to blame at first because of how they induce us too eat their food. “You can’t change specific eating behavior without addressing that way of life…” (Warner 402). Warner tried to explain that it is us who have try to and change and with the help of the government it can be made easier. Fast food cooperation’s do not care of how people are affected, only the income that they receive. The opposition in the second article from Zinczenko is about how he would blame that fast food companies only want the money and don’t care about the consumer. In Don’t Blame the Eater, I find it ironic when the author says, “Whatever happened to personal responsibility?”(Zinczenko 191). We are so used to fast food that there is no other alternative that we can think off. Parents are so busy with their lives, they don’t know what else to feed their children. The two oppositions delivered help establish the connection and emotional appeal with the reader. Although one of the article seemed to be more of a realistic realm, while the other just stated personal anecdotes and …show more content…
He also exposes how corporations are not properly providing customers with the right nutritional information. He also states how the government should be involved more into taking decision and what people are preferring dealing with obesity. In Junking Junk Food, Warner mostly emphasizes on how the government will the change the point of view of how Americans will see junk food as. In her article she makes the reader think of fast food as stupid and ultimately unhealthy. I also noticed quite a few important names of experts and famous politicians in Warner’s article. She introduced the article the mentioning of Sarah Palin, then with progress from Michelle Obama with the initiative of changing children’s diet, and also Glenn Beck. Then mentioned at the end is Davis Kessler, talking about how American’s can change their image about fast food. Kessler says, “…social norms could change: the huge portions, or eating processed foods…could come to be seen as socially unacceptable”

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