Argumentative Essay: Should Humans Eat Meat?

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Growing up in Armenia my grandpa had a farm filled with chickens. He would feed them on a regular basis and take care of them every day. When the chickens would lay eggs my grandpa would cook it for my family to eat it. I would always ask my grandpa how do chickens make eggs, but he would never explain it to me. As I got older I realized that people have different assumptions about eating meat or not. Some say that they need meat in order to survive and others say that eating meat is wrong. Coming from an Armenian family that makes food with meat all the time is a little hard to be a vegetarian. I myself cannot say no to meat, but I do not eat all kinds of meat. Humans should not eat meat because it harms the animals emotionally and it’s unethical. …show more content…
We put animals in danger just for humans to eat their meat. According to Ashleigh Haw stated how animals who are used for food such as pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens can in fact experience emotions, stress and pain. Animals have feelings just like humans do. We emotionally hurt the animal’s feelings by cutting their heads or cutting a certain body part for humans to eat it’s like they know it’s happening. You know that an animal is scared by their heart thumping in their chest and their eyes wide with fear. Not only is it brutal to put animals through such pain, not eating meant and having a vegetarian lifestyle can have huge benefits to animals, the environment, and your health. In the article, “Using Animals for Food” the author stated that, “We have a tendency to consider animals that are raised for food as being less worthy of our compassion than other animals such as cats and dogs because we believe them to be less intelligent and/or loveable” (Haw). It’s not far to animals that are being harmed for their meat while other animals are being treated like they are animals. Normally, a family won’t keep a cow as a pet because at the end that cow would be harmed and eaten by

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