Eating Is A Daily Need For Everyone Essay

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Eating is a daily need for everyone. Food gives your energy, strength and the ability to function throughout your busy day. As a college student, I am always on the move. Cooking healthy recipes and eating at steady meal times are something is not usually reality for me in the day to day. I am not alone and many campuses know this. Most college campuses provide small convent stores, cafés, coffee shops, food courts. At the University of Central Oklahoma, the campus is surrounded by food. There are three convenient stores on campus, equipped with chips, soda, candy, sandwiches, and microwavable dinners. The Food Court in The Nigh University Center houses a Chick-fill-in, Flat tire Burger, Chinese restaurant, Quiznos and a Starbucks. The cafeteria is an all you can eat buffet and there are at least two to three vending machines per building.
The university its self is under contract by many large food companies such as Coke-a-Cola to push their product onto college students. The food Industry is all around us, even at school. But many of us don’t look up from our homework to read the labels on our snack food, sort through the healthy options at a fast food joint or decipher exactly how much food we are going to eat at the “all you can eat cafeteria”. These are ideals that food industry dominators plan to maximize profit. While these large companies are maximizing profits, the people of this country are maximizing our pant sizes.
Michael Moss, a Pulitzer Prize-winning…

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