Eating Healthy Vs. Unhealthy By Carey Polis

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The general argument made by Carey Polis in her work “Eating Healthy vs. Unhealthy” is that there is not that huge of a price gap between the two yet eating healthier has a countless amount of health benefits. More specifically, Carey Polis argues that there are some people who simply do not consider eating healthier a large factor into their lives. She writes, “many people assert that unhealthy eating habits are the result of economic hardship”. In this passage, Carey Polis is suggesting that eating healthier will cost less than eating unhealthy foods in the long run. In conclusion, Polis’ belief is that there are many more positive benefits including the cost of eating healthier foods compared to eating unhealthy foods.
In my view, Carey
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A healthy diet is “rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts”, meats and some produce (Dwyer). Unhealthy foods could consist of eating out at fast food places or instant meals that were boxed or frozen. What makes fast food, instant meals, or frozen foods unhealthy is the amount of sodium, preservatives, and the lack of information about what you are eating. A lot of boxed or frozen foods will have food labels with the list of ingredients, but some of the ingredients would even be recognizable. To maintain the freshness or shelf life, canned or boxed foods contain a high amount of sodium which is probably more than enough of the daily intake. When you consider the lack of ingredients and nutrition facts when you are eating, the high amounts of sodium, and the preservatives in foods, this can all lead to a various amount of health …show more content…
While it is true that the price of eating a basic healthy lifestyle compared to fast food or instant meals is about $550 dollars, these costs do not compare to the health concerns subsequent in a life filled with junk. If you eat mainly fast foods or instant meals, a mass of health problems can occur such as obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, and higher mortality rates. Having type two diabetes alone will cost up to $400 a month. So, if you include everything else plus maybe some medical bills if you end up staying overnight in a hospital, the extra $550 a year does not seem too financially strenuous. By mainly focusing on the price which is what the majority of people take in consideration with meals, Carey Polis overlooks the actual costs of foods and focuses on the benefits of the foods. Even if you save some extra money, it does not matter a few years in the future if someone ends up dead or miserable when they are on an abundance of prescriptions so they can stay

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