Eating Healthy Vs Unhealthy Summary

The general argument made by Carey Polis in her work “Eating Healthy vs. Unhealthy” is that there is not that huge of a price gap between the two yet eating healthier has a countless amount of health benefits. More specifically, Carey Polis argues that there are some people who simply do not consider eating healthier a large factor into their lives. She writes, “many people assert that unhealthy eating habits are the result of economic hardship”. In this passage, Carey Polis is suggesting that eating healthier will cost less than eating unhealthy foods in the long run. In conclusion, Polis’ belief is that there are many more positive benefits including the cost of eating healthier foods compared to eating unhealthy foods.
In my view, Carey Polis is right because the actual cost of fixing health problems or to maintain the state of the problem is much more than the average yearly cost of eating healthier foods. More
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They think of it as an unnecessary purchase if it is not essential to building upon their lives. However, few people simply can not afford to implement healthier foods as a list of necessities. On the contrary, eating a healthier whole foods diet compared to eating out or eating junk food will not cost that much more in comparison. For the truth is that when you include the costs of health problems caused by eating unhealthy, it is much more beneficial to eat healthier foods. Eating healthier truly does matter because it can extend a happier life and change everything. The cost might seem higher, someone is addicted to eating junk, or they do not know how to cook are some of the reasons why people eat unhealthy foods. Anxiety or depression is correlated with eating junk food which will more likely lead to becoming overweight. Foods are just so essential yet people overlook it. There needs to be a sharp turn in a ton of people’s lives on their diet to make major

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