Essay on Eating Healthy And Healthy Eating

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Eating Healthy Last week when I went to the grocery store, I found that the price of food was a little bit on the expensive side. As I walked through the aisles of the store I heard a voice behind me saying that trying to eat healthy is like a luxury, you know like getting your hair done. You do not need it, but you want it. We both chuckled and parted ways. Then, I started thinking that if I really wanted to eat healthy then it is worth paying the price. Healthy eating does not mean you have to follow a strict diet, or give up foods you love, you just need to balance the amount of types of foods you eat to obtain all the necessary nutrients. It is a great idea to limit the fattening foods such as fast food, pizzas, etc, but you don 't necessarily have to completely avoid them. The way food prices seem to be going up now days, makes it harder for some people to try and start a healthy eating life style, after so long of eating all the wrong foods. It always seems to be hard to go from eating fast food every day, to eating home cooked meals, to eating healthy. Now days you have people who want to try really hard and change the things that they put in their body for health reasons. They do all kinds of research to see how they need to go about starting a healthier life style. Some start with eating all natural foods from all the basic food groups; meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables, as well as grains. They stop eating so many sweets, and fats. You must learn the…

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