Eating Gluten Free Is Not A Cure Essay

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Imagine having a disease with no cure. For a person with Celiac Disease, living gluten-free is not a cure, but only a treatment to an improved health and well-being. Not eating gluten does not cure the disease, it just stops the symptoms. A cure would let people with Celiac eat gluten again without getting symptoms. However, Celiac Disease is a lifelong autoimmune disorder in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, leading to difficulty in digesting food. Even though the labeling of gluten free is expensive, companies are now price gouging those with Celiac because of the high demands for their products due to the lack of available treatments, it is a disability, the difference in the prices of gluten versus non-gluten are astronomically higher causing people with Celiac to spend more money on their yearly food budget.
What is it about gluten that causes so many people to double over in pain? Humans have been eating wheat for at least ten thousand years. For people with Celiac Disease, the slightest exposure to gluten can trigger an immune reaction powerful enough to severely damage the small intestine. “Gluten, one of the most heavily consumed proteins on earth, is formed when glutenin and gliadin come in contact and create a bond” (Specter, Against the Grain). The term "gluten" is a broad term for the storage proteins found in many grains. Gliadin and glutenin are found in wheat, hordein in barley, secalin in rye, avenin in oats, zein in corn and oryzenin…

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