Eating From A Fast Food Nation Essay

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When eating from a fast food restaurant, many people do not stop to think about how the food they are eating was actually made. Fast Food Nation is a movie in which Don Henderson, the Vice President of Marketing for a burger chain known as Mickey 's, is given an assignment by his boss. He has to investigate why scientific findings are showing that there are traces of cow manure found in the patty of their new hamburger. He oversees the entire process of how the food goes from the ranch to your plate. In Fast Food Nation, it is demonstrated that dreadful working conditions, poor management in restaurants, and limited corporate action account for inadequate health and safety in the food industry.
Uni-globe meat packing (UMP) is the main producer of meat for all Mickey’s restaurants, and their poor working conditions cause them to produce hazardous meat. Although UMP tries to save money by hiring many unskilled workers, improper regulations leads to many mistakes. While Don Henderson is conducting his investigation he asks a woman named Rita, whose brother works at the plant, how the meat is becoming contaminated. Rita explains that at the gut table workers have to pull out the intestines from the cows stomachs and when they make a mistake all the poop pours out over the meat. She goes on to add that this occurs several times a day. Employees do not have enough time to do their job correctly because of how fast the line is moving. The meat is simply shipped out with these…

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