Essay about Eating Food Or Pre Made Meals

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The question I wanted the answer to was if food was “racist”, with that in mind I did research to see if there were any studies done to see if some races preferred certain food over others. Foods that are easy to get to such as fast food or pre-made meals are popular choice for people especially for those who are college aged. There is a general low intake of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and most people, male and female, aren’t meeting the recommend diet and exercise patterns. Studies have shown that race and ethnicity certainly is one of the important roles in food choice, but environment, economic standing and your family also play roles. In a study done over a nine month time period 4642 employees at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston MA were monitored about their cafeteria purchases. The experiment was broken down into two phases. In the first phases researchers set up a color coded labeling system, healthy foods were labeled green and unhealthy foods were labeled red, the food was labeled based off the USDA My Pyramid. During the second phase the researchers kept the color coded system but this time made the green labeled items more accessible then the red ones, and this phase took place three months after the labeling system had been in place. The employees were broken up into groups based off race, age, gender and whether they were full time or part time.
The primary goal of the experiment was to see the change in the color coded purchases…

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