Eating Food : A Vegetarian Essay

795 Words Apr 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Since a long time ago, human rely on vegetables, corns and fruit. After creating and using tools, human have ability to hunt animals and get meat, however, there is still a small amount of diet structure. With improve of productivity, life standards have a huge development, meat is occupying a larger and larger ratio in life. Some diet related diseases appear, for example, diabetes, obesities and etc. Each year, a lot of people suffers from these diet related diseases and cost a lot of public money. Recently, doctors and governments recommend public to be a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian can be very helpful to avoid problems above. Because being a vegetarian have three benefits: have a healthy diet, protect our environment and treat animals friendly. Only eating vegetables can be one of the most balanced diets. Vegetables and fruits contain less fat than meat, especially, there are less saturated fat in vegetable. Taking too much saturated fat will increase risk of having cardiovascular disease and stroke. Some people might say that only eating vegetables cannot meet a daily needed protein. However, in Brenda & Vesanto’s book The New Becoming Vegetarian state that vegetarian diets provide sufficient protein intake as long as a variety of plant sources are available and consumed. In fact, there a wide range of vegetarian resources include nuts, bees and tofu contain varies protein. Being a vegetarian can avoid superfluous nutrition intakes, therefore, they can less likely…

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