Easy Access For Health Care Essay

718 Words Oct 19th, 2015 3 Pages
Title: Easier access is not always equal to better health outcomes, cost sharing can be a way
Summary: Policymaker have recently focused on better access to health care services through insurance expansions, in part hoping to improve health in the US. Lack of access is rarely the main reason for poor health care outcomes in modern America, however. To achieve goals of improved health, new or continued investments in our healthcare system must consider alternatives to the current narrow focus on access.
The poor health care outcome has been a long-period problem in the U.S. and policy makers tried different ways to change the situation. One of the actions that policy makers took was to provide more access to people in order to have better health care outcome, for some experts believe that lacking of access to health care service is one of the reason that led to unsatisfied quality of health care. Through applying Medicare and Medicaid program, U.S. government provide a lot access to people in the country. Specifically, after the conduction of ACA (Affordable Care Act), about 16.4 million1 uninsured people in U.S. had paid the premiums and enjoy the coverage through the health insurers. However, it seemed that easier access to health resources didn’t increase the outcome of health care. In fact, easier access to health care even brought inconvenience and bothering to both people who need health resources and health care providers. In areas with more physicians,…

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