Early Life Pregnancies : Options, Outcomes, And Impacts

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Proposed Research Title: Early Life Pregnancies: Options, Outcomes, and Impacts

While teen-pregnancy has continued a steady decline in the last two decades, the United States still has among the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in the Western world . Further, geographic variation and race and class disparities are significant, with Hispanic and Black teens in the United States have nearly one-and-a-half-times higher rates than average and about twice as high as White teens . Clearly this issue remains relevant and important.
A rich literature on the teen-child bearing addresses, among other things, the economic and social costs of early-life child-bearing, however, much less is known about other early life pregnancy outcomes such as abortions or miscarriages -. The sparse evidence that exists on the short- and long-term impact of early life miscarriages, abortions, births, and no births on mental health, social networks, educational attainment, and wages remain largely disputed in the current literature , . Additionally, studies analyzing risk factors for early life births is comprehensive, but little evidence on risk factors for other early life pregnancy outcomes exists .Further, no project to this author’s knowledge has sought to systematically identify and compare the different outcomes of early life pregnancy both in the short and long-term. The gaps in the field of early life pregnancies are the focus of this project.

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