Early Detection Of Prenatal Substance Exposure Essay

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Introduction Anthony, Austin, and Cormier (2010), authors of “Early Detection of Prenatal Substance Exposure and the Role of Child Welfare,” studied the risks of prenatal substance exposure, issues with testing and the roles of the child welfare system. Anthony et al. (2010) explain that substance exposure creates a public health problem and affects several agencies such as child welfare. Substance abuse has an unfavorable effect on child development that could be decreased by early detection and prevention. They have created credible means for assessing substance abuse which can be performed in a reasonable amount of time with limited training, but there are obstacles in screening, such as, physicians wanting to protect the patients right to privacy, lack of education about early exposure and the guidelines about reporting to child protective services differ from state to state.
Substance Exposure effects on Human Development The presence of substance use during the prenatal period has long- lasting developmental effects on children and are dependent on the circumstances, such as the amount of exposure, and how long it was used along with poor maternal nutrition and lack of prenatal care. Babies exposed to drugs before birth will likely face complications, such as low birth weight, born premature, seizures, behavioral problems, cognitive defiance’s, suffer from withdrawal, attachment disorders, and poor physical growth, just to name a few (Anthony, Austin, and Cormier,…

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