Early Detection Of Developmental Disorders Essay

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The early developmental assessment is very imperative in the early detection of developmental disorders. Early detection and appropriate referral of children with developmental delays or disorders is important in Pediatrics. This is only possible by continuous developmental monitoring and assessment. The pediatrician should make it a point of duty to screen any child at risk for any disorder. Also, the pediatrician and the parents should make sure both medical and non- medical needs of the children are met. Those needs to be met include; any concern that the parents of the child may have, obtaining a developmental history, making observations of the child, identifying risk and protective factors, and documenting the findings. Therefore, It is noted that the developmental assessment for young children provide an sufficient and functional evaluation of all developmental domains. The Important components of a developmental assessment on the basis of a child encompass; cognitive ability, communication, motor/physical skills, adaptive skills, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning and sensory processing (CDC, 2016).
Which tools will you use to assess specific components of development (such as speech, motor skills, social skills, etc.)? Which tools do you think are the most accurate in assessing the developmental components and why?
There are different types of screening tools designed for a variety of settings, ages, and purposes. The screening tools are designed to…

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