Essay on Early Christian Art : A Important Part Era Of Art

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Early christian art was a very important part era of art. It really signified the change that constantine brought to the entirety of christian art, especially in the churches where it was now free to worship without judgement. Due to this, church mosaics, architecture, and relief sculptures really started to flourish. Fantastic mosaics such as Santa Pudenziana Apse mosaic were created at this time, and this is all due to bring attention to the churches and to bring churchgoers into a place that seemed heavenly. In a lot of cases church mosaics would tell narratives from the bible. This was largely done for many of the illiterate people at the time that wanted to read the bible but could not. This was an alternative way of reading the holy bible and would tell people stories from the bible such as the crucifixion of christ, resurrection of christ, and as well as many other stories from the bible. The Santa Pudenziana Apse is a mosaic of great beauty during this era, but what makes it beautiful? Two excerpts from Ernst Kitzinger and Thomas Mathews do an excellent job of this. However, they both very different views on the mosaic itself. Ernst Kitzinger and Thomas Mathews do an amazing job of depicting the mosaic and what exactly makes it a great piece of art. However, they have very different points of view on what exactly make it great or rather discuss different aspects of the mosaic based on the appearance. Ernst Kitzinger focuses more on the plains and the great deal of…

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