Essay about Early Childhood Education Is Good

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Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education is good because of all the young students (Lisa Spezia). The salary is not too bad for teachers. Teaching impacts young children’s lives and without them, children would have a hard time learning. Even though teachers do not get paid a lot of money their jobs are very important to children’s lives. Many of the things children learn or experience in kindergarten stay with them for a long time.
The college requirements for a kindergarten teacher are at least four years of college with a bachelor’s degree. Some schools require a degree in early childhood education or child development (Rossier Online). Other schools require an associate’s degree (Rossier Online). After the degree has been received, some states require an official teaching credential like the Childhood Development Associate (CDA) (Rossier Online). Early Childhood Education is said to be one of the best investments that the country can make (National Education Association). Public schools are being told that they should offer prekindergarten programs and the funding should be the same as k-12 schools (National Education Association). There are studies that show children going to an expensive kindergarten and how they will grow up and what they will be likely to achieve (National Education Association). The results of just quality schools turned out to be similar to higher quality schools (National Education Association). There is a National Early Intervention…

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