EFQM Case Study

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Like the given case, customers feel bad when companies service is not good to them. How to survive and achieve sustainable success continuously in this changing world? The EFQM Excellence Model has the solution. The answer is "doing your best or Excellence," EFQM also present concepts "Leaders have to have the vision, embrace change, and create a work environment as faster than the environmental changes. The organizations have to achieve outstanding results. Repeated for this cycle will create sustainability, EFQM recommends. The basic concept of EFQM is that the excellent organization can contribute to the world. If the organization pursue excellence in their performance, simultaneously, the company can advance the economic, social, and environmental condition within …show more content…
The last enabler is processes, products, and services. However, it was failed as well. The ABC Travel Services is a company to sell flight ticket. However, the company didn't sell it to Mr. Harrington. There was no mention of the company whether the company has a long history or not. But I think there was no knowledge basis information for their customers. Even Mr. Harrington push his travel card numbers as much as three times and what was worse, the service clerk asked it again to him. The company introduced answering machine for efficient operation. But it was not efficient. I would like to suggest that the company need to reorganize the processes. The key success factor of
CRM is a using database I think. Accumulated FAQs which are recurring questions and requirements related to the products and services can make shorten total response time. Knowledge-based customer information will give direct service to loyal customers, or they will feel treated as a VIP. Selfcheckout service as an example will let customers select, compare, and purchase their service without any assistance. Finally, IVO (Interactive Voice
Recognition) system will replace answering machine and will let

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