E Readers Vs. E Reader Essay

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E-books have appeared everywhere and by the looks of it, are here to stay. Amazon first introduced the e-reader in 2007 and by 2009 the Kindle had surpassed its print book sales. It looked like the e-reader had taken over the print book industry as quickly as it had appeared. Everywhere you looked either someone had a kindle or other companies were introducing a new better e-reader, like the Ipad by Apple, or the Nook by Barnes and Nobles, and many others. This approximately 6-ounce device has many great qualities that attracted its 3 main consumers: the avid reader, the environmental friendly individuals, and the student/education community. Although it has many great qualities, convenience is the main reason why the e-readers has caught the eye of many. A great benefit of owning an e-reader was the fact that you no longer had to leave your house to purchase a new book and could download and begin reading within minutes. Students no longer had to carry multiple heavy textbooks from class to class and avid readers did not have to choose which books to pack when traveling. Reading or studying at night was no longer an issue since e-readers have an internal light that allowed for reading at night. Students were also able to use an e-reader as an actual textbook by being able to highlight its content, take notes, and define a word with a click of a button. Since e-readers do not use paper many saw this as a way to improve the environment and cut down on deforestation.
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