E Reader Ad Critique Essays

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Ad Critique
The Niche: Find Your Own


I. Introduction
Imagine being able to tap into a preexisting market consisting of over 100 million qualified buyer. As you begin to initiate your plan it will start off slowly, but as you continue doing the same routine it will keep growing, even without added labor. By integrating all of your channels together you can have a seamless hub of knowledge that people can learn from, inform others about, and of course buy your product. Most importantly this entire plan can be started for under $100, and will be minimal after that. LibraTech’s new eReader can compete with the best on the market. You know it, I know it, and all that is left is to get the consumer
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Not only are these channels some of the first ones looked at when determining what people want to buy, most, if not all product research is conducted via online reviews and comparisons. Because of this you must know about each of your competitors’ online presence, and use it to find our own niche.
The best tactic is to find a focus that no one else is embracing and effectively market this to the consumer. That being said, you cannot ignore what your competitors are doing as you will falter in that segment. We will lead with what The Niche excels at, while complementing its weaknesses to remain relevant in those categories.
Kindle 3
The most conservative model of eReader would be the Kindle 3. Being the basic brand, they chose to highlight the price. Only $109, the first thing mentioned is the special offer they are promoting, bring the price down to $79 (Kindle 3, 2011). This puts the price at under 50% of the other two contending brands. The Kindle 3’s slogan is “Lighter, Smaller, Faster” (Kindle 3, 2011) giving them a positioning marketing strategy. A positioning strategy is used to “separate a particular brand from its competitors by associating that brand with a particular set of customer needs” (Arens, pg 46). With the general population wanting the lightest, smallest model, Amazon does a great job in advertising this by having a

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