Essay on E-Commerce in Business Culture

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Garymack Channing Burnette
American Intercontinental University
Unit 3 Individual Project
MGMT305-1204B-06 Management Information Systems
Sunday, October 21, 2012

The following paper takes a comprehensive look at E-Commerce in business culture. The outline given appropriates the need for E-Commerce by way of projected revenue generation and new outreach to customers. Moreover, benefits for capitalization that allows building and/or adding new avenues to do business and gain customer base. More importantly is how the use of this tool grows customer service and company reputation not only to their customers but vendors and suppliers as well.

E-COMMERCE SUPPORTING BUSINESS South Main Customs is located in the heart
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With the ability to deliver, the ability to pick up machines needing repair and offer onsite quotes (Ridder, n.d.). The bike shop can benefit from the web site in several ways. The web site will help advertise the shop, increase sales, and increase appropriations for new venues of creating revenues for the company. The website will increase the credibility and reputation of the shop and it will help improve the overall business performance. South Main Customs will be able to thrive and compete with the rate of customer purchasing evolutions (Ahmad, 2012). The shop can use internet for other purposes like placing orders with manufacturers, keeping track of consignments when these are sent to the shop, and anticipating when the stocks ordered will reach the shop through streaming real time package scan alert emails. Further, the company can use the internet to communicate with its customers and inform them of the progress of their deliveries along with offering surveys that will help the shop continue to grow their customer service. The shop can use the internet for hiring quality technicians and customer service representatives along with seasonal employees. The shop can use internet resources for training its employees and customers in use and safety of all the products offered. Furthermore, the shop can use the internet to link up with creditors and insurance companies to expedite the needs of their customers. Also the

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