E Commerce And The Internet Essay

1381 Words Nov 9th, 2014 null Page
In around twenty-five years ago, the internet has played an important role in people’s lives and countries’ economies. The number of people using the internet has increased rapidly over time. In addition, they use it in every part in their daily life. In the begging, people used the internet to search and find information or formal using. These days, more people use it for shopping. Online shopping letting customers get information about a product and buy it from a seller through the internet by using web sites. These days, online shopping has become diffuse for people and retailers. Retailers have realized that they should not be late to the party. Therefore, retailers have changed to continue with this growth. Moreover, they know that E-commerce will drive local economies into a successful future. Although, e-commerce puts local businesses under pressure by opening them for more competition, which they never have before, e-commerce gives traditional retail new potential for growth unlike the others, which does not have the same opportunities. E-commerce has ominously affected economies more than traditional shopping. By increasing market size, developing new forms of advertising and creating variety of products, online shopping provides many opportunities for local businesses in Australia.
The number of customers using the internet for purchases is effective in expansion of market size. The number of consumers from diverse age groups using online shopping is increasing…

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