E Commerce And Electronic Commerce Essay examples

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E-commerce or Electronic commerce as the phrase states is where everything or anything within the business world which is sold electronically. It means sharing of business information, maintaining professional relationships and by telecommunications networks business transactions are conducted. It is the collective integration of communications, database management, and security proficiency to allow business applications within different organizations and IT companies to naturally exchange information about the selling of goods and services. Speaking extensively, electronic commerce includes the use of communication technologies in financial business, online reservation, order processing and inventory management.
The terms that we will mainly come across while talking about e-commerce are:
• Shopping basket
• Payment Gateway solutions
• Vendor Account
The shopping basket is mostly known as a shopping cart and in e-commerce shopping website it is the database that allows the customers to pick the chosen products and store them for purchase. This also means that shoppers can pay for many items with a single transaction by saving them in the cart until they are ready to order.
The payment gateway solution is an online payment solution service that enable credit card payments for online businesses, e-retailers etc. It provides secure browsing; also after checking the information of credit cards the order is completed. A payment gateway simplifies the transfer of information…

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