E Commerce : A Great Impact On Our Life Affecting Our Lives? Essay

885 Words Dec 15th, 2016 4 Pages
1.1 Preamble
Our history is packed with many revolutionary inventions leading to the world as we know it today. One of those great inventions is the internet which now has a great impact on our life affecting our beliefs and tendencies, but more importantly affecting greater aspects like the economy of a whole country. As a form of e-commerce, online shopping proved to have a great impact on economy and it keeps on growing each day with the growth of technology.
This research is conducted to study the online shopping Behaviour in egypt ,how it’s affected by different aspects and prove that a decent percentage of egyptians do use online shopping even daily . Technically It’s a New field to study ,However, researchers have been really interested in this topic due to the great effect it has especially on the long run. E commerce Causes a change in the egyptian economy whether for better or for worst.
1.2Research importance. the importance of online shopping is increasing everyday, as simple as it may sound it can actually build the economy of a country.It’s predicted to grow To $370 billion in 2017 in the US . It’s also reported that 53% of the people in the US Shopped online in 2013 ,this number grew to 58% in 2016 .of course There’s a huge difference between the economy of a developed country like USA and a third-world-considered country like egypt ,however, this can actually be a way to improve egypt’s economy only if enough research was conducted and the right elements…

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