E Cigarettes And Illegal Drugs Essay

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A Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik, created E-cigarettes in 2003 (Grana et al. 6). E-cigarettes use a liquid in its chamber that uses a battery to create a spark that combusts inside the barrel to create smoke (Grana et al. 6). Many consumers that use e-cigarettes are using them as a way to end their smoking habits of tobacco products (Franck et al. 1945). E-cigarettes seem to be a growing trend in use among people that are trying to quit smoking. Therefore, e-cigarette companies are trying to target these people to help boost sales. However, many others are using e-cigarettes as a gateway into smoking, which may lead to tobacco or illegal drugs (CDPH 3).
With this huge upward trend in e-cigarettes, this product is a major topic among smokers, as well as, a controversy to all others. This includes people using them at restaurants that ban smoking too some that are skeptical of the benefits that people claim from using e-cigarettes. There is some evidence that e-cigarettes are beneficial, but with such a short lifespan, it is hard to build a foundation of quality data that completely supports this claim (Grana et al. 3). However, some data would suggest that this is a great product for a cessation in smoking conventional cigarettes and can be very beneficial for more than just the consumer.
Claim 1 E-cigarettes are ascending in popularity, especially among the youth. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), teenage student’s e-cigarette…

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