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Executive Summary
Central Indiana Cage Bird Club (CICBC) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to educating their members and the general public on the keeping, conservation and stewardship of exotic birds.

Several other clubs offer educational opportunities to members and the public at large in addition to bird fairs being offered 1 to 3 times each year. There are many stores and breeders in the area that do offer some education on the care and breeding of exotic birds, but they do not offer the in-depth lectures from subject matter experts as CICBC. Ongoing efforts are in place to continue to improve the quality and integrity of the club’s educational programs.

CICBC is able to make
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The Board of Directors and members continue to look for ways to provide quality, low cost bird fairs, increase membership and work toward providing quality experience in the most effective and efficient manner possible with optimism for the future of this exceptional organization.

Situation Analysis
The need for bird clubs is validated by information provided by members and the public at large. The educational opportunities for bird lovers across all avian species are greatly appreciated as noted by personal conversations, phone calls, emails and letters to the club secretary and other officers of the club. To meet this need, CICBC offers one meeting per month with a schedule of varied topics from presentations on predators, to visits at area zoo’s and conservation camps. The monthly meetings also serve as a social outlet for club members and the ability to bring in their birds for socializing as well as “bragging” about their beloved pets.

The online environment provides a resource for people to learn about the club and its offerings in addition to some information about different species of birds. Online also provides information about upcoming events, but does not discuss the benefits of those donations to the recipient organizations.

Market Summary
CICBC provides valuable social and educational experiences for the exotic bird fancier. CICBC visits schools, nursing homes, and

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