Dystopian Societies Are Not More Than Ideal Essay

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Dystopian societies are usually described by many as seemingly perfect. Unfortunately, to achieve this perfect image, leaders must restrict the independence of their citizens and warp views of the outside world to make their way of living the only way to live healthy and happily. A dystopia may have the outlook of perfection, but their ways of achieve perfection are less than ideal. The leaders control propaganda shown to the public, the jobs they work in, and even the history to their taught. Although most people in the society are unaware of the changes, a few can see through the white lies of the dystopia. The protagonist in both “Divergent” and “1984” are faced with the harsh reality that their perfect home may not be what it seems. They both, after a while, decide to act and try to change the society for the better.
For a dystopia to remain “perfect”, the leaders must keep their citizens in the dark about the world around them. The use of propaganda for or against a certain person or cause is one of the main elements of a dystopia. The leaders make sure who the citizens should praise and hate. In 1984, the leaders made posters of “Big Brother” whose is said to be watching at all times. People in this society are more afraid of speaking out against the party because of the constant fear of being caught and what will happen when they are caught. The leaders also change or leave out parts in history to keep citizens under their rule. The government in “1984” would…

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