Analysis Of Dysfunctional Members In Alice Munro's How I Met My Husband

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Dysfunctional Members
Dysfunctional family members are in most families. The dysfunctional member has unhealthy behaviors and attitudes, is unable to function properly, and has issues with his or her psychosocial functioning. There can be multiple members in a family that are dysfunctional in the home environment. There are characteristics in one’s life that make him or her dysfunctional within the home environment, such as holding members of ones family to expectations that they are unable to be successful with, lying to one’s self about the reality that he or she lives in, and holding grudges against another member or other members in the family.
When one holds members of his or her family to expectations that are unachievable and unrealistic
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In Alice Munro’s “How I Met My Husband” Edie lies to herself about what her reality is with her summer infatuation with the fly boy. Edie thought she was in love with Chris. He was charming, and Edie thought that Chris loved her back. After being confronted that she had been intimate with Chris which she never does, she “concentrated on waiting for [her] letter” from Chris that he had promised he would send. She is dysfunctional because she lies to herself thinking that Chris will eventually send that letter so that she can go with him. In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman Willy Loman lies to himself about reality which makes him dysfunctional in his own home. After Willy is fired by Howard, Charley offers Willy a job, but Willy refuses to accept reality and say that he’s “got a job” (96). Willy cannot provide for his family without a job and no income, and by refusing to take a job where he would get $50 a week because of the illusion he had created for himself Willy became dysfunctional as a father which made him dysfunctional in the …show more content…
In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman Biff Loman holds a grudge against his father for cheating on Biffs mother while Willy was in another town. Biff was never the same when he found out his father’s secret, and he held a grudge. When Biff had come back from Boston discovering that his father had been cheating on his wife Biff went down into the cellar “and burned [his University of Virginia sneakers] up in the furnace” (94). The sneakers represented Biff’s confidence he received from his father. Willy had always wanted Biff to be successful, go to college, and play football in college. Biff was going places, but he lost his trust in his father and held him a grudge. Holding the grudge against his father made him dysfunctional in the home because he was not able not love his father fully, only his mother. In Elaine Magarrell’s “The Joy of Cooking” the speaker in this poem is very bitter and holds grudges against the harsh words of his or her brother and the hardened heart of her brother. While the speaker “prepare[s] [his or her] sister’s tongue” he or she “[trims] the roots, and small bones, and gristle” (l 1, l 3). The harshness or how the speaker describes preparing his or her sister’s tongue shows the bitter grudge that he or she holds because of the harsh words that were spoken. When the speaker describes his or her brother’s heart being “firm and rather dry” it shows the grudge that he or she still holds for

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