Drugs Written By Gore Vidal Essay

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The name of article I am going to summarize is Drugs written by Gore Vidal in 1970. In the article, author showed the possibility of legalizing the drugs, labelling each drug with its effects and selling drugs at cost to stop most drug addiction in America. Gore Vidal argued in the article, drug addiction is similar to alcohol addiction, once forbidden by the government, the situation would turn worse, which cased his belief in that if everyone knows what would drugs’ effects in advance, he or she would not become a drug addict as long as he or she is “reasonably sane”. To prove that, he took himself as an example, he admitted that he had tried “once—almost every drug” and insisted on “like none”. What’s more, Gore Vidal suggested the government to legalizing drugs instead of forbidding, which could reduce the occurrence of crime. He reminded readers of the years when alcohol was forbidden to the people by a Congress, and emphasized that the government should learn something from “past attempts at prohibition”. Also, in America, every man, Gore Vidal argued, has the right to do what he wants to as long as he does not hurt anyone else. In addition, Gore Vidal pointed the importance of dividing of sin and money at last, which can be done by legalizing drugs to avoid the situation from growing worse. After I read the article drugs, created by Gore Vidal, I agreed with some of his points: label each drug with its effects, sell them at cost. In my views, the suggestions…

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