Drugs Are Needed For A Healthy Society Essay

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Drug use has been prevalent for thousands of years. Most drugs have been used for their numerous benefits, pertaining to their affects on the body, both psychoactive and physical, while others are used recreationally. Individuals may require drugs to maintain a healthy living condition, while others may use them recreationally or even abuse them. I do believe that drugs are needed for a healthy society; I also believe that drugs can be problematic for our society due the potential damage they can place on people, families, or communities involved with them.
Numerous changes have occurred within the last century to appropriate the use of numerous drugs, and to determine which drugs can be used and who can use them. Even with the control of many drugs, they are often readily available to all types of people, young or old, and can have a negative effect on virtually anyone. Drugs of all varieties have been present for decades and extensive research has been undertaken to weigh the risks and benefits involved with them. The better understanding of drug effects has lead to the requirement of prescriptions for certain drugs and the outlawing of many drugs deemed unsuitable for human use. While prescription drugs are useful, and potentially life saving, there are several prescription drugs that have a strong influence on the way society views drug use. Narcotics, namely opioids and opioid derivatives such as: oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine, are highly addictive and can…

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