Drugs And Drugs In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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The 1930’s, when the twenty-first century American party was truly created and thus, new issues were introduced to society and politics. Writers took action by describing the corruption around them, lacing it artfully into their works of literature. Aldous Huxley, who wrote the novel Brave New World, was one of those writers who used literature to describe his point of view of society and politics. Huxley exposed the issues of a society conforming around him like sex, drugs, and the advancements of science in his novel by relating it to the theme and characters of Brave New World.
Today we think of drugs as a dark substance and that's the view Aldous Huxley wanted for us in his dark version of the future. In his novel Brave New World citizens
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You become a slave to a sort of new dimension and just like any other drug, it drains the life out of them and the abuser isn't conscious of the actions until it’s too late. Drugs in this novel depict more than just the modern drug usage, he uses it to describe religion as well. Mustapha presents soma as "Christianity without the tears”, using satire to compare soma to Evangelism.
By comparing christianity to soma he is presenting religion like soma you are trading
individuality for comfort and in the end allowing humans to be controlled by godly causes resembling the New World of stability.
Filled with flying cars and shiny devices, the future has been a subject many have pondered upon. Aldous Huxley, wrote it with a whole new perspective, he uses a dark aspect displayed from the plot itself. Even the people of his novel are technically machinery, they are mast produced on a conveyor belt in a factory then, hardwired like appliances to act as the New
World needs. What exactly is the value of human life when in one foul swoop one can die and be replaced instantly. The great depression struck The United Kingdom and with that many
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Indeed these are an exaggerated account of the issues accruing in the 1930s it brought new light to what was occurring in the time of the author. Human nature and morals are also something that is questioned in Brave New World. The whole book describes how sex was just thrown around and the states looked down upon monogamist. While aldous huxley composed this novel many factors like sex was happening, women started to show more and more and more and morals less and less. This was a time where christianity was being questioned mainly due to the great depression and morals were slowly losing. People started having sex recreationally rather than for reproduction reason like the
people in the Brave New World. Many religion things have been replaced instead of saying lordship Huxley purposely corrected it to ford ship while they were worshiping false prophets.
Huxley is describing how people in power can falsely get you to believe what they like, like the world controllers have bibles but they chose to teach the people false religious practices

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