Essay about Drug Use And Addiction Will Change Your Son 's Behavior

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Few things in life are harder than watching a son fall into and struggle with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. It can make a parent feel like a failure and inspires feelings of helplessness. However, you can make a vital difference in your son 's life by making a stand and getting him help. It will be a difficult process for you both, but it can help save him from a life of destructive addiction.

Watching For Tell-Tale Signs
Drug use and addiction will change your son 's behavior in a wide variety of ways. You might not even feel like you know who he is any more. Watch for the following symptoms and behaviors to help decide whether you want to approach your son about addiction:

Changes in behavior, including acting out in a negative way
Sudden disinterest in activities he used to love
Changing friend group that seems problematic
Poor performance in school or sports activities
Decrease in personal hygiene
Difficulties relating to family and friends

Although these symptoms could indicate other personal problems, they are most often associated with drug or alcohol use. Few life changes will so heavily change your son 's personality in a negative way. If you are convinced your son may be addicted to alcohol or drugs, it 's time to talk to him about it.

Honestly Discussing The Problem With Them
Talking to your son and getting him to honestly admit he has a problem is going to be the most difficult part of the process. As a teen, he is likely going to feel naturally…

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