Drug Use Among Adolescents : A Global Public Health Problem Essays

1780 Words Oct 27th, 2014 null Page
Illicit drug use among adolescents is a global public health problem that results in social, economic and health problems (Saxe, Kadushin, Beveridge, Livert, Tighe, Rindskopf, ... & Brodsky, 2001). Many efforts have been aimed to reduce this public health problem, and while some may have beneficial; the rates remain high (Ilgen, Schulenberg, Kloska, Czyz, Johnston, & O 'Malley, 2011). Research displays that adolescents would benefit from interventions and treatment, but it is often not received (Cuijpers, 2002; Faggiano, Vigna-Taglianti, Versino, Zambon, Borraccino, & Lemma, 2008; Winters, Leitten, Wagner, & O 'Leary, 2007; Wu, Blazer, Li, & Woody, 2011). Health professionals understand the seriousness of this health problem and its contribution to the worldwide burden of disease (Ketterer, Symons, Lambrechts, Mairiaux, Godderis, Peremans, & ... Vanmeerbeek, 2014). According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS, 2014b), the use of illicit drugs leads to many negative effects like addiction, risky behaviors, sexually transmitted infections, violence, mental health issues, and health problems such as cardiovascular issues and premature death.
Medical professionals have an important role in illicit substance abuse, because they often diagnosis, mange, and treat health problems caused by illicit drug use, and can refer users to rehabilitation or other treatment (Gryczynski, Mitchell, Peterson, Gonzales, Moseley, Schwartz, 2011; Ketterer et al., 2014;…

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