Essay about Drug Testing And The Workplace

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Drug testing in the workplace has become a growing concern in today 's world. Using drugs is against the law and drugs can cause harm to people who take them. Companies have started drug testing employees to find out who is using drugs. Using drugs and getting caught, can result in workers being fired and put on criminal records. Drug testing should be a mandatory practice in the workplace to stop drug abuse and help employees be more productive on the job, follow safety regulations, and avoid absences. Drug testing can be done in many different ways. A few different ways to test for drugs include blood testing, hair testing, urine testing and broad spectrum testing. Urine testing occurs when the patient urinates in a labeled container. The container is then sent to a laboratory for testing. There are several types of urine tests including Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique, Thin Layer Chromatography, and Radioimmunoassay. A second way to test for drug use is blood testing. The blood tests are drawn by a phlebotomist or nurse. A needle is inserted into the vein of the patient 's arm and blood is collected in a vial. The blood is sent to a lab where tests are run to see if there are any traces of drugs in the person 's body. Blood tests are expensive and getting results can be slow. Testing hair follicle of a person is becoming popular because it is fast and easy method. Hair testing is less invasive than blood testing. Analyzing ones hair can detect drug use as far…

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