Drug Testing And Its Effects On The Workplace Essay

1379 Words Aug 3rd, 2016 null Page
The use of drugs is a prominent problem in today 's society. Starting in the school system and carrying on to the workplace and from there to sports and even the branches of the service, the initiation of drug-testing is world-wide. Before hiring a potential employee, all jobs have requirements that employees must proceed with throughout the application process. In the list of requirements, there is a section with information pertaining to drug testing. Drug testing is a common part of the hiring process which determines whether or not a person gets the job. Before they are hired, the applicant gives their consent to receive a drug test. Whether or not the applicant gets the job depends on if they pass the test along with the other requirements. An increase use of drugs creates a challenge in the workplace. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, thirty-nine percent of companies conduct drug tests (Partnership for Drug-Free Kids). It is a steady rising prominent trend throughout the work field. Employers use the drug test as another source for the background test. Hiring someone who use drugs causes chaos within the business. Drug tests in the workplace should be permitted because it deters employees from abusing drugs, decreases workplace accidents, and maintains productivity. The first reason drug tests should be permitted in the workplace is because it deters employees from abusing drugs. Work is an important and beneficial place to address any concerns…

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