Drug Driving : Drugs And Drugs Essay

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1. Overview of drug driving
Drug driving is the fact that drivers control their vehicle under influence of drugs (Transport Accident Commission (TAC), 2015). According to DrugInfo’s report (2010), drugs can lessen driver’s driving skills. For example, the effects of using cannabis involve weak psychomotor skills, long reaction time required when there is a problem, ability to stay in one traffic lane when moving and maintain speed, reduced visual functions, and attention (DrugInfo, 2010).
At the end of 2004, a survey research about self-reported behaviors and attitude toward drug driving indicated that (McIntyre, Cockfield, & Nieuwesteeg, 2011):
• About 70 percent of respondents had drug several times in the last six months.
• Marijuana, ecstasy and speed were popular drug used.
• Two thirds of the drug drivers had illegal drugs and alcohol use at the same time.
• The percentage of illicit drugs users were higher in urban areas than in rural areas, among males than females.
It is revealed that 37 percent of drivers and motorcyclists killed had drugsbetween 2000 and 2004. Especially, 21 percent of dead drivers and motorcyclists were positive to THC in 2012 (TAC, 2015).
In this paper the campaign Double Bus by TAC - a campaign encourages people not to drive after having drugs - will be analyzed.
2. Objective of the campaign Double Bus
The Double Bus campaign was launched to increase awareness of drug usage in road trauma, particularly young male who is considered the main…

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