Essay about Drug Addiction And Its Possible Causes

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When someone uses drugs, he or she is generally looking for some kind of benefit, or “high”. This paper is about drug addiction and its possible causes. There are many likely causes that would allow for someone to become addicted to drugs. Even though there are many possible factors that lead to an individual becoming addicted , in the following text I will be focusing on the social cause of drug use and how they can cause drug use to become a learned and addictive behavior.
Today’s society has an obsession with drug use. Drug use has saturated every aspect of our daily living. When you turn on the television, you see various TV shows and movies making reference to casual drug use. On social media, one might see their favorite celebrities or people they know talking about what drugs they are on and how good it makes them feel. When looking at this from a teen’s perspective, this could make them want to conform to so that they could be like the people they admire, the celebrities and entertainers, or like their peers, the people and that they see day in and day out. The teen could use the drug use as a way to adapt to the emerging social norms, actions that are viewed as acceptable in society. If you add the drug obsessed culture with social media and more widely available drugs, you get more opportunities for teens to be influenced by others and try harmful drugs. This can lead to them developing a drug addiction.
Teens are at an impressionable stage in their lives. They…

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