Drug Addiction : A Serious Global Problem

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Drug addiction disorders are a serious global problem, which have disastrous effects on both the individual user and their immediate social network. Drug addiction is defined as the biological and social capacity to repeat please seeking experiences (Nestler, 2013). As described above, the biological aspect of this disease means that it can affect anyone who succumbs to social pressures. More specifically, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration reports that drug addiction has been a national public health concern affecting the lives of nearly twenty-four million Americans each year (NIDB, 2011). Public health efforts have been focused on analyzing the social determinants of health such as social environment, stress, and peer influence that may contribute to substance abuse disorders. Addictive behaviors are molded at a young age and are shaped by parental decisions in the home environment and also from social pressures within the community. These disruptive tendencies not only lead to health problems, but also can result in imprisonment and can eventually lead to extreme economic hardships. Drug seeking behavior can cause an individual’s life to spiral out of control if there are not educational, social, and personal factors actively trying to prevent it. The populations most at risk for substance abuse disorders are high school students and young adults. Therefore, the initial efforts of a prevention strategy to combat drug-seeking behavior must

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