Drug Abuse Is Serious Problem Essay

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Drug abuse is serious problem in the United States, especially among teenagers. According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, 7.5 million American adolescents have used drugs at least once during their lifetime. Teens start to experiment with drugs from a young age and do not think about its negative consequences. Some say that drug addiction can lead to problems in school and can cause loss of alertness, which leads to injury. Also it will affect their moods, and change their system of values and lead to depression. As a result, teenagers who use drugs have a risk for suicide. Nowadays, they abuse both legal and illegal drugs. Also drug accessibility is one of the causes of adolescent abuse. The majority of teenagers aged 12-17 get it easily from friends or relatives. However, there are other possible factors, such as pressure from friends, low self-appraisal, stress, relationships with parents. This essay will look at drug abusing problem among teenagers in the United States and analyze possible reasons and solutions for drug addiction.
Teenagers abuse a variety of drugs. Any of them both legal and illegal can have immediate or long-term health consequences. NIDA reported that in 2003, 40.2% of high school students had used the illegal narcotic of marijuana. In addition, marijuana adversely affects memory; it distorts the perception of sound, time, and touch. American teens use inhalant as well. Adolescents find it in spray paint, glue and shoe polish. Regular use…

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