Drug Abuse Case Study

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Daniel disclosed his use of crack cocaine. He has a history of alcohol use as well, but claims only occasionally. Daniel states he began using at the age of seventeen. Daniel explains that when he initially began using cocaine it was only recreational, so about two or three weeks, after he began to increase his intake. He would then snort cocaine and smoke it to the point he was awake at all times and was alert of everything around him. He later became dependent on the substance, in which he would have withdrawal symptoms whenever he did not use; like loss of appetite, restlessness, cold sweats, and nose bleeds. Knowingly, how his substance abuse had taken a toll on his life, he still continued using.
Daniel was cooperative and alert in the interview. His speech was well within normal limits. His dress was appropriate. His grooming and hygiene were adequate. Daniel denied having any hallucinations or delusions, now or in the past. His thought processed were logical. He demonstrated appropriate insight, past and present. Daniel denied suicidal or homicidal ideation both in the past and present.
Daniel reported he completed high school and continued his education going on to a four year
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He also attended individual sessions to express how he felt about his life and how he got to where he was in his life with all the substance abuse. He found these very helpful in order for him to better understand his situation and that he was not alone. He learned to better cope with problems and has a much better relationship with family then how their relationship was previously. This all was able to be accomplished with the client’s determination to abstain from these illicit substances. Client was allowed to return to work after twelve months of being sober and undergoing several treatments to prevent his

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