The Problem Of Cocaine By Claudia B. Manley

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COCAINE THE BIG PROBLEM This story has been told to me many times by an acquaintance. The person ive known had grown up in Alabama in the projects, it 's a really rough place you wouldn 't want to grow up in. They didn 't have nice things, and the lived in a house filled with bugs so it wasn 't very clean. He had a brother although it was very hard to keep occupied, after high school he had gotten into the wrong group of people and then first tried his first hit of Cocaine. Then later became addicted. Telling many stories of this drug, he had said to me “No one when they are little wants to become a drug dealer or snort their first line of Cocaine but they just might. It 's a crazy nightmare you might never get out of.” Cocaine had first …show more content…
Manley, cocaine’s real name is Hydrochloride coming from a leaf in South American. Some people use to chew on Cocaine leaves or put it in a beverage, giving the same effect as a caffeine drink (8). In the article The Truth About Cocaine, Cocaine comes in a powder substance. Mixed or cut with a mixture of other unknown things, Cocaine had first started out as a painkiller. But is now known as one of the most dangerous drugs out in the world. In the street people call Cocaine by other names, such as “C, Charlie, Coke, Blow, White, Snow, Bump, Dust” And many other names. According to the article “COCAINE: A SHORT HISTORY” a man named Sigmund Freud born in 1856. He had published a book called “Uber Coca” which had stated that Cocaine had “benefits” and how it had been a “magical” substance. He himself had used Cocaine and promoted it. Melanie Ann Apel, Author of the book Cocaine And Your Nose writes that Cocaine had been added to Coca Cola in 1886. By a man named John Pemberton but then taken out in 1903 because people had discovered that others had been getting …show more content…
It takes a person apart and ruins them physically. They begin to feel panicked or scared. The more one does Cocaine the more they crave. It ruins relationships with family and friends. Doing Cocaine will have a toll on one 's looks. If one snorts Cocaine they will lose their sense of smell. They also get more commeen nose bleeds and runny noses, and will probably end up with nasal infections according to Michael A. Sommers who wrote the book “Cocaine.” Cocaine being smoked can lead to problems in the throat and also raspy voices can be an effect of Cocaine. If a person rubs Cocaine on their gums they can get rotten teeth. Doing Cocaine can make a person look white or drained and then they will start to become to look older. Claudia B. Manley writing the book “CRACK AND YOUR CIRCULATORY SYSTEM” says that Crack and Cocaine can make your stomach bleed making a person not wanting to eat anything, having a low appetite. Manley writes that Cocaine is a stimulation in the body, not a narcotic, which makes a person become depressed. The article Cocaine: The Rush to Destruction writes that heart attacks, headaches and seizures are just some of the long term effects of Cocaine. There are many different types of ways that Cocaine can affect you, you could the long term physical effects of Cocaine. Emotional effects of Cocaine can affect your brain. On the online page real people 's stories long and short term

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