Drug Abuse And Its Impact On Middle Childhood Children And Adolescents

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Drug Abuse and its Impact on Middle Childhood Children and Adolescents
Sarad Basnet
Cerritos Collge
Child Development 110

Drug Abuse and its Impact on Middle Childhood Children and Adolescents Back in Nepal, my neighbour Eku, has been into drugs for a long time. He was 13 when started smoking Marijuana and even Drinking alcohol. Me and my other friends as a child were constantly reminded by our parents to not to be like him and even not to talk to him. He was five years older than me. I remember the day, it was my 16th birthday we were celebrating in our house when a couple of Police vans came just across the street from my house and arrested Eku. He was charged for so many crimes including drug smuggling, robbery, physical assault that he was going to be in prison for twenty years. He was an exemplary figure in society but in a bad way. His parents were ashamed of him and even the people in the community were ashamed. Drug abuse never does good. It does further damage when its started from early age.According to a survey, half of US high school students have tried illegal drugs. Childrens must be made aware of the habitual taking of addictive or illegal drugs and its consequences which can play a part in stopping them from consuming drugs. Drug abuse and its consequence is extremely important for children to know about and has a direct impact on child 's development, and there are many strategies that can and should be used in order to make sure…

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